Staying Safe on Souk el Shaab

Souk el Shaab is an open community where members have the freedom to conduct transactions in ways which they feel most comfortable. At Souk el Shaab, we take the safety of our community very seriously and do our best to keep the marketplace a pleasant place for all. However, as with any online marketplace or trading site, there are always unforeseen circumstances that every user has to look out for. We maintain records of items and discussions that happen within Souk el Shaab and we will work with the proper Lebanese authorities in case of fraud and scams.


Read item descriptions - Sellers generally provide detailed descriptions within their items. Read, read, read before agreeing on a deal to avoid nasty surprises.

Ask questions - Don't agree to buy an item blindly. Ask the seller questions, request for more item pictures or proof of authenticity and clear your doubts before confirming a deal. 

Do your research - If you are unsure about the authenticity of an item or feel that an item looks suspicious, don't agree to buy the item until you are assured that the item is genuine. Please report an items which are suspicious by clicking on 'Report Item' within the item page so that it can be removed from the marketplace.

Message the seller - Feel free to privately message sellers to agree on a meeting place or anything other information you would like to share directly with the seller.

Read the seller's profile - Get a better picture of who the seller is by reviewing the seller profile.

Read the item comments - You can assess the credibility of an item by reading the user comments. Comments on an item usually provide valuable information to help you make a sound desision.

Check your item - If you agreed on a meet-up with the seller, check the item before making payment to ensure that you're getting exactly what you are paying for.


Wait to receive payment before mailing out items - If your buyer has opted to mail you the item, always make sure that payment has actually been made before you mail the item out. 

Suggest tracked/registered mail where possible - Having tracked mail gives both you and your buyer peace of mind that an item has been delivered. This can also help you, as a seller, to avoid buyer scams.

Ask for a deposit for high-value items - If you are dealing with an expensive item and the buyer has requested for a meet-up, ask the buyer to bring a deposit to the meet-up to ascertain his or her sincerity.


Only use trusted payment methods which are familiar to you - Avoid money transfer services such as MoneyGram or Western Union. These are commonly used by fraudsters to conduct scams.

Always communicate within Souk el Shaab - Try to avoid communicating/dealing via SMS or WhatsApp. This way, we are able to look back on our records and assist with investigations should the need arise.

Common sense is king - Use your instincts and logical reasoning to assess the safety of each individual deal. Things that are too good to be true, often aren't.

Don't bring large sums of money with you - If you are meeting up with a user from Souk el Shaab, avoid carrying large sums of cash on you.

Always meet in well-lit, public places - Self-explanatory. Souk el Shaab may be a community, but always remember that meeting up with an unfamiliar user is the same as meeting a stranger, so be safe and bring a friend with you if possible. 

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