About Souk el Shaab

Souk el Shaab is founded on the vision of contributing to Lebanon’s overall wealth through buying, selling and/or giving away used/new items to be re-distributed back into society in a smart, engaging, and easy way…basically, yes, we do care.

Please do not mistake us for a classifieds website...we are a shaab (community) driven online social souk (marketplace).

We all have things we no longer need or want, but seem to end up collecting dust. Well, there are most probably people out there who are looking for these kinds of items. Plus, what you may consider junk, can be someone else’s treasure!
It's not always about needing to sell a car or a house (which you can do of course), but simply posting an item like an old printer or extra suitcases that have been sitting in the closet for years. The general rule of thumb is that if you have items lying around (with no emotional attachment) that have not been used for the past 6 months to a year, it's time to let them go and in return, you can make some extra money.

Part of our aim is to make selling/buying/giving away items a second nature in a safe and trusted environment. Our platform is not just about buying and selling, it’s also about introducing it to people who are not expert sellers or buyers who can use this platform as an extra source of income.

Your Souk el Shaab Friends!
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